Here In The Small

by Stefanie Haapala

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This is an exceptional place. I've chosen to tell some of its stories with these songs. Thank you for always trusting my words.


released February 2, 2015

Special thanks on this one to:

// The girls of A30 for the late nights, dead cacti, and bold pots of coffee
// Dakota for her brutal honesty and fine taste in stir fry
// Lisa for teaching me about this beautifully broken world and being the face (back) of this album
// My fam (both blood and not) for continuously showing up and being my best friends
// The woman on the Number One for reminding me that music is a gift, and to never stop telling stories



all rights reserved


Stefanie Haapala Michigan

A freckle face making music on a floral couch.

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Track Name: Fort
I want to build a fort under the folds of your skin
I want to take your blues and cut your bruises open
Track Name: Mr. Rocket
Tell me that you're not gone
Tell me you're not already home
Thought I saw you in the sky
Thought that I might give this a try
Cause I'm looking for a ride out of here

Hey Mr. Rocket do you know my name
I've been flying down low, low
The air is thick and the water's gray
I want to go where you go

Freedom is breaking the glass
Freedom is not coming back
Stars don't come out just at night
Golden street lamps to another life
So I'm catching your next flight out of here
Track Name: Lying
I think you're lying to me
Your nose is now scraping the trees
But Pinocchio still made it right in the end
And I'm out here hoping that you'll be my friend and quit lying
Please quit lying to me

I think you're lying to me
You can't life your eyes from your feet
Babe don't you know I'm watching your gaze fall
Down to the floor ain't convincing at all, so quit lying
Please quit lying to me

I think you're lying to me
I can see right through your teeth
Did you change your mind since we talked yesterday
Or do you just not yet have your story straight?
So quit lying
Please quit lying to me
Track Name: Do Not Forget These Things
They say that home is where you'll be
They say I'll find you once I've given up on apathy
But I've been scraping, clocking in
I've got a day job crawling up my skin

And I can take you to a trail
Where no one's been but me in this Michigan air
And I can wrap you up in twine
Brown paper pinecones at Christmas time

Cause I am not connected
And I will not be infected
By all the people around
And you can try to change me
But I will still try to daydream
Cause I don't wanna be found
Track Name: Kilometers
I've been waiting all day
To scratch these words into notepaper pages
And push my hands to the sun
They look small but I know what they've done

Kilometers falling down the edge of the sea
And the specks on my window are staring at me
All of my choices have been make believe
While kilometers are falling down the edge of the sea

Feel these cracks in our hands
They've been there since the day that we landed
And you're no bigger than me
But fused together we can clean this debris

You're no bigger than me
Track Name: Empty Seat
Take my breath when you walk away dear
So that I will always consume your air
It's been quite the wild ride
But tonight I've got an empty seat by my side

As I'm swerving to the left, swerving to the right
I can't fake it
A little less of you, little more of me
Will I make it
As I learn to live alone
With this empty seat by my side